Targeting 2023 Publication – THE REDEMPTION

I’ve recently finished writing THE REDEMPTION, my gritty and suspenseful 77,000-word crime novel about a disgraced former police detective who desperately tries to catch vicious child kidnappers and regain the job and life she loved. This is the first in a series.

The story reflects every loving parent’s fear that a moment’s inattentiveness could result in the disappearance of their child. Added to that is the effort by the main character, Cass Woodward, to rehabilitate herself and regain her detective’s gold shield. Relegated to working as a security guard at the county zoo in Washington state, Cass, a 32-year-old former detective struggling to deal with her dark past, is convinced that Will Frasier has hidden the kidnapping of his six-year-old daughter, Melanie. Her suspicion is soon confirmed when she sees the family secretly enlisting the senior detective who ended her career.

Haunted by the guilt she feels about her role in the death of her little brother, Cass is determined to track down the kidnappers, especially when a second child is taken. The story has a dark beginning that gets darker as it progresses.